CVS Application Success Depends On How Aggressively You Move

Too many applicants submit an online application and approach submitting a CVS application passively, expecting to hear a call back within a couple of weeks only to find themselves still waiting by the phone two weeks later wondering what went wrong.  To get hired at any company these days you need to take a somewhat aggressive stance with your job application; you need to figure out a way to make personal contact with someone at the store you are hoping to work for before you apply online, and if you can’t do that, you have to find a way. Bored with your Job? Click here to find a new Job today.

You can do this in several different ways:

1.  You can visit the CVS of your choice, introduce yourself, and ask to speak to the manager or assistant manager. Remember to dress yourself in clean, crisp clothing; it’s a good idea to keep your dress casual at this point because you are only making contact with the company.  For men, a shirt and pants will do and for women, pants and a blouse would be preferred.  The point is to introduce yourself, come across as a personable person, and make a good, lasting impression.

You also want to let the person in charge that you will be submitting a CVS application for employment through their web site, and you should ask them not only what the general timetable to hear a call back from them is, you should let them know you will follow up on your application in a week or so.  Let them know you are sincerely interested in making a career out of working at CVS.

2.  Another way to make contact with someone important at the company is through a friend or family member who either works there or at least knows someone who works in the company.  Even if this is not possible there are a few tips and tricks you can use to make personal contact with someone who is already working at CVS (see number 3).

3.  Here’s something that haMove quick and be aggressive with your CVS application form.s worked for people looking to make contacts when they didn’t have any personal contacts to put in a good word for them.

You can start making casual conversation with the cashier every time you shop at the store.  Be friendly, and on the third visit or so, ask them how they like working at CVS.  Chances are you are going to get a positive response, and when you do, let them know you are interested in applying for job with them.  Politely ask to speak to the store manager.  You will no doubt have no choice but to make a great impression on the manager if you are dressed in nice casual clothes with a shopping bag full of CVS products in your hand as you meet the person in charge!

Incidentally, this question gets asked all the time; how old do you have to be to work in CVS?  The answer is 16 for part-time hourly positions and 18 for full-time or if you want to work in the pharmacy.

A successful CVS application these days really depends on how hard you want to make it work for you, so go out there and start the ball rolling.